Wednesday, January 25, 2017

la clave sin miedo

la clave  sin miedo

1. La Clave

2. Anabi

3. Dream whisperer

4. Cinema

5. Si j'etais un homme

3:49 album only

7. Bolerocha

8. Lagrimas negras

9. En aquel entonces

10. De Francia a Cuba

Album Notes

Sin Miedo is Spanish for "Fearless" and it's also one of the best Salsa band in Washington DC...[Washington post, week-end section, October 12, 2001]

Sin Miedo is a truly international group that makes the Afro-Cuban rhythms of salsa jump into your bloodstreams and move your hips around...[Washington Flyer, October 2001]

Led by French pianist Didier Prossaird, Sin Miedo's music incorporates many different Latin American rhythms from Cuba, Puerto Rico and the jazz influences of the United States, mixed with French, English and Spanish lyrics.

This new CD "La clave" is a mix of Salsa, Latin-Jazz, popular French and Cuban songs. 

The Musicians:
Didier Prossaird/Piano, lead vocal, coro
Steve Sachse/Electric, acoustic and baby bass
Gary "kikito" Sosias/ Congas, maracas, guiro, coro
Ralph Eskenazi/Timbales
Patrick Noel/ Bongos
Pedro Pablo Martinez Campos/Itotele Bata, quinto
Roman Diaz/ Iya Bata, Cajon
Steve Bloom/ Okonkolo Bata
Alfredo Mohica/ Lead vocal, coro
Ana Mercedes Castrello/Lead vocal,coro
Nicki Gonzales/ Lead vocal
Patrick De Santos/Coro
Brad Clements/ Trumpet
Alex "pope" Norris/ Trumpet
Doug Elliot/ Trombone
Paul palelogos/Trombone
Greg Boyer/Trombone
Jim McFall/ Trombone
Antonio Orta/Flute
Matvei Sigalov/Violon

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