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Frenesí is a 1992 Grammy Award-winning album by American singer, songwriter, and producer Linda Ronstadt. 

3Track listing 
Frenesí was released on September 15, 1992. It was Ronstadt's third Spanish-language album. After many years out of print, this album was reissued, along with Ronstadt's two Mariachi discs, in 2016. 

Frenesí reached #193 on the Billboard album chart, #3 on the Top Latin Albums chart, and #17 on the Tropic/Salsa chart. Three singles charted on the Hot Latin Tracks chart: "Frenesi" at #5, "Perfidia" at #7, and "Entre Abismos" at #33. 
At the 35th Grammy Awards, Frenesí won the Grammy Award for Best Tropical Latin Album. 
Music critic Roch Parisien rated the album poorly in his Allmusic review, writing: "...there's little that sounds street level or rootsy about these sessions. I can't help picturing a wind-up lounge band holding court at some tourist-trap Holiday Inn in Acapulco."

Track listing

1. "Frenesí" (Frenzy) Alberto Dominguez, Leonard Whitcup 3:30 
2. "Mentira Salome" (Lie Salome) Ignacio Piñeiro 2:50 
3. "Alma Adentro" (Deep Within My Soul) Sylvia Rexach 3:11 
4. "Entre Abismos" (Between Abysses) Victor Manuel Mato 3:21 
5. "Cuando Me Querias Tú" (When You Loved Me) Emilio Catarell Vela 3:07 
6. "Piel Canela" (Cinnamon Skin) Bobby Capó, Silvano Michelino, X. Regianni 3:02 
7. "Verdad Amarga" (Bitter Truth) Consuelo Velázquez 3:23 
8. "Despojos" (Fragments) Francisco Arrieta 3:02 
9. "En Mi Soledad" (In My Solitude) Miguel Pous 2:53 
10. "Piensa en Mí" (Think of Me) Maria Teresa Lara 2:55 
11. "Quiéreme Mucho" (Love Me a Lot) Augustin Rodriguez, Gonzalo Roig 3:23 
12. "Perfidia" (Perfidy) Alberto Dominguez, Milton Leeds 3:44 
13. "Te Quiero Dijiste" (I Love You, You Said) Maria Mendez Grever 4:01 


Linda Ronstadt – vocals 
Tito Allen – background vocals 
Juan Jose Almaguer – vocals 
Jesús Guzmán – vocals 
Adalberto Santiago – vocals 
Bob Mann – guitar 
Oscar Meza – bass 
Gilberto Puente – guitar 
Joe Rotondi – piano 
Guillermo Edghill – bass 
Luis Conte – percussion 
Walfredo de los Reyes, Sr. – percussion 
Armando Peraza – percussion 
Pancho Roman – percussion 
Orestes Vilató – percussion 
Justo Almario – horn 
Gene Burkert – horn 
Dennis Farias – horn 
Ramon Flores – horn 
Daniel Fornero – horn 
Mike Turre – horn 
Arturo Velasco – horn 
Harry Kim – horn 
José Román – horn 
Joel Peskin – horn 
Debra Henry – strings 
James Hurley – strings 
Roxanna Jacobson – strings 
David Kadarauch – strings 
Clifton Foster – strings 
Ruth Freeman – strings 
Stuart Canin – strings 
Jeremy Cohen – strings 
Adrienne Duckworth – strings 
Jim Dukey – strings 
Joseph Edelberg – strings 
Ronald Erickson – strings 
Jenny Amador – strings 
Jeff Beal – strings 
William Klingelhofer – strings 
Bill Klingelhoffer – strings 
Katie McElrath – strings 
Sharon O'Connor – strings 
Irene Sazer – strings 
Rebecca Sebring – strings 
James Shallenberger – strings 
Greg Sudmeir – strings 
Mark Summer – strings 
John Tenney – strings 
Martha Henninger Rubin – strings 
Nathan Rubin – strings 
Virginia Price-Kvistad – strings 
Production notes: 
Peter Asher – producer, engineer 
George Massenburg – producer, mixing, engineer 
Ray Santos – arranger 
David Gleeson – engineer 
Craig Silvey – engineer 
Brett Swain – engineer 
Nathaniel Kunkel – engineer 
Robert Blakeman – photography 
Kosh Art Direction – design 

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